IMG_0016-2AdjMy name is Gloria Dickerson. I am a licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Heal Your Life® Coach.

I was introduced to Louise’s Hay work about six years ago when I was going through emotional pain on my job. I read her books and realized that my life was lacking joy and that I had limiting beliefs about what makes one happy. Although my job paid well, I was not feeling fulfilled. After studying her work, things changed for me and I began to feel the joy and began to love myself. I had this incredible urge to share her work with others.

I left my job and began to work in low income communities to help children experience more joy, self-love and to begin to eliminate any limiting beliefs they have about reaching their full potential. Initially, I designed my own curriculum, but soon learned that I needed more tools. I decided to enroll in a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training to understand more and to become a licensed workshop leader. The workshop training was an incredible experience for me. I enrolled because I wanted to help others. However during the training, I helped myself. I learned about my own limiting beliefs, and I learned to truly love myself just the way I am. Loving myself has enabled me to have more compassion, love and trust in others. I love my work; it is incredibly fulfilling, and I love sharing Louise Hay’s philosophy to help others create a path that can bring them joy and fulfillment.

I have expanded my work to include both children workshops, Teen Self-Empowerment Playshops, and adult Heal Your Life Workshops. I have many tools in my toolbox, such as affirmations, mirror work, guided meditations, and visualizations. I use these tools in my workshops and in my one on one coaching to help both teens and adults reach their full potential and create a happy, healthy and whole life.

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